Tangential blowers

Stove jacket cooling, thermal storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, overhead projectors, tanning beds, climate control systems and heating units: All these applications share the need for ventilation with a low overall height and high air flow at low flow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential fans made by ebm-papst.

The small ratio of the impeller diameter (30 to 65 mm) to the impeller length in most cases allow a flat and stretched design. The large cross section on the suction and pressure side makes for high air delivery at low flow rates. The air being thrown a long distance and low noise level are additional features of tangential blowers.

Stable output for every need

Depending on the specific application, tangential fans are available with asymmetrical shaded-pole motor, capacitor motor or GreenTech EC motor with integrated commutation electronics (including tach output and PWM or analogue output). For the GreenTech EC motors, a higher speed can be selected than for shaded-pole and capacitor motors, for example to overcome higher counterpressure. Using corresponding sensor technology, the tangential fan with GreenTech EC technology configures the necessary operating points automatically and provides the exact air volume needed.

The facts about ebm-papst tangential fans at a glance

  • Low noise at high air flow and low back pressure
  • High air flow at low flow rates
  • Good contact of cooled ducts and surfaces with cold air due to the expanded width of the exhaust surface
  • Very flat design
  • Moisture-protected versions, for example for refrigeration technology
  • GreenTech EC motors mean higher speeds than AC motors
  • Performance adaptation via PWM signal or 0–10 V analogue voltage

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