Social responsibility

Social responsibility of companies is becoming a more and more important factor of company involvement on a broader social environment. It shows in the economic efficiency of companies by means of the inclusion of social and environmental factors in their business activities and in ethical conduct in relationships with the employees and the environment. In a way, the company Ydria Motors has also committed itself to certain factors of social responsibility. Our corporate responsibility is reflected in the constant increase in the volume of know-how invested in our employees and care of permanent education. Without all this, the company could not survive on the market and remain competitive, taking into account the increasing globalisation and the high number of new companies that enter the market. We consider the employees’ personal growth and care of their commitment to work our responsibility and awareness that needs to be promoted carefully. The company has also established a system of regular medical examinations, thereby taking preventive care of its employees’ health and safety.

As non-formal contacts and socialising of colleagues is an important component of good professional relationships, friendships and a precondition for a successful team, we also organise special events, New Year’s and Summer meetings, such as picnics, New Year’s parties, skiing contests, etc. We also invite our former employees who have retired and our grant holders.

When allocating the funds for sponsorships and donations, we follow the principle of including the organisations that are indirectly or directly connected with our environment and the environment where our employees come from. Thus, the funds are dispersed among many organisations and associations. As a rule, we donate to small local organisations. Sports and culture events are included here.

Another important principle followed by our company is that the company must live with the environment in which it operates. Environmental protection, creation of favourable working conditions and taking care of employee satisfaction are important long-term tasks of the company.

ebm-papst Slovenija committed itself to the protection of environment in 2000 when the certification institution SIQ from Ljubljana awarded it the ISO 14001:1996 certificate. In 2003 we obtained it again, for the new location in Podskrajnik and then renewed it 2005 with the new version ISO 14001:2004.

Our philosophy proves that ebm-papst Slovenija is a company oriented towards the future. For us, the socially responsible conduct is equally important as the quality of our products and economic operations.

Our environmental awareness goes beyond the internationally recognised standards. After having relocated its operations to Podskrajnik in 2002, we made considerable investments in improving the image of the company both to the people and to the environment. Our efforts proved right:we received new certification from SIQ at the new location and support from the regional communities. We ranked 1st in the category of the nicest working environment in the region in 2002 and 3rd in Slovenia in 2003 in the category of SMEs, according to the classification made by the CCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia), which proves that our way is the right way.

Our impact is assessed on an annual basis and defined in the Register of important environmental aspects. Due to fast growth of the company, the estimate and the revaluation of aspects need to be made also during the year, in case of any major changes.

Enviromental goals:

  • Alignment with the legislation.
  • Reduced pollution (refusing the risk factors)
  • Reduced amount of waste, fuel and natural sources consumption per production unit.
  • Education and training of employees at all levels of the company, in all processes that generate impacts on the environment.

The company is viewed as a group of people capable of long-term co-existence and responsible and economic activities and able to deliver to our successors such environment, in which they can live and survive, ebm-papst Slovenija contributes its share to this vision. Due to the sensitive character of the Karst environment to which we came as guests planning to stay for a long time, we continue to focus on the implementation of environmental programmes which were designed for the achievement of environmental goals.